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ciao! thebestdressup is about being the best now in anything/everything and anywhere/everywhere. can this be possible? i will give it a heart and put my heart into it.


i want.  indeed, i want.  i want more of the moment; of every moment.  however, i don’t want more just to accumulate more.  i want more, so to experience more in the moment. and i mostly want more love filled … Continue reading

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all the light

i was surrounded from above and all around by all the light that we can see.  just 3 weeks ago, even the moon beamed so full and bright.  in rome, the light from the moon surpassed all the light that … Continue reading

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get the point

get the point…so you can be thankful.  thankful every day.  that’s the point for thebestdressup now!

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the bitten apple

  steve jobs, the film, was screening at soho house.  i hardly watch films lately, but this was an opportunity to learn a bit about steve jobs the man, albeit from a hollywood perception.  the film left me with the … Continue reading

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light for humanity

a beam of light.  light for humanity.  this is the prayer of thebestdressup now!

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don’t think about it…

we do think.  at times just too much; and not necessarily about what makes us happy.   we think about everything else.  and yet, whatever it is that makes us happy is actually just the thing to do.  it is … Continue reading

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in conversation

in conversation, we are told, religion and politics don’t mix.  subjects to be avoided.  best to address the weather.  consequently, i find the climate at the right temperature to be in conversation addressing religion and politics.  this could be just … Continue reading

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take view

take off from la guardia,  it’s a calm moment to take a pause.  i take view.  i can still tell iPhone what i want.  take a view to keep a memory.  life takes off quick.  a calm moment to take … Continue reading

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just a reminder

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.~ Ralph Waldo Emerson a full moon over miami keeps me looking outside.  at alter,  i can’t spot the moon.  but from the window behind me, … Continue reading

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hanging lover

         Jean-Michel Othoniel -hanging lover (2013) All human things Of dearest value hang on slender strings. ~ Edmund Waller Nothing speaks louder than an evocative photograph that stirs the imagination, tugs at the heart strings and engages the … Continue reading

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